Thursday, July 10, 2008

First Conversation - Love

Me: What is Love?
God: Love is the eternal bliss of life.

Me: Why do we need Love?
God: Love will bring all happiness in your life at one shot and show you the bliss of life.

Me: Then why do some love bring misery instead of love?
God: That depends on the person you love, if you love a monster, u will have misery, if you love an angel, you will have happiness.

Me: How do I judge a person before I love him? How will I know if he is a monster or an angel?
God: You cant judge a person, he can be judged only by me and sometimes by himself.

Me: Does that mean I need to love that person to know if he is a monster or an angel?
God: Not necessary, since you cant judge him by any means, you are left with only two options-either continue loving him, accepting his flaws or ditch him and move on.

Me: Wouldn't that be like cheating him?
God: Not really, if he does not deserve that love then you can ditch him by all means and move on with your own life.

Me: what if other people dont accept my love?
God: Did you love the person for yourself or for the others?

Me: Myself.
God: Then why do you bother about others, I have given separate life to each and every human being on Earth, they are living theirs, you live yours.

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