Thursday, July 24, 2008


Show me the meaning of being Lonely, is this the distance, I need to walk with????

I really wonder how this life is changing its course, the way it is shaping up for every individual.

There are many instances where we feel why people around us don't leave us alone, even for a moment. We crave for privacy. But, we never get it. There are always people surrounding us-parents, siblings, relatives and the evergreen friends. They will drag you into their conversations even if we are not interested, they drag you to their shopping spree, they take you to the most boring restaurants to treat you.

Finally, when we are left alone, we feel left out-lonely. No friends to have fun, no parents to take care of you, no siblings to fight and no relatives to gossip.

God is a strange fellow. He would give us EVERYTHING we pray for, but at the wrong time.
We pray for privacy, would get it when we need some company.
We pray for company, would get it when we don't need them at all.

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